Iceberg Twice the Size of NYC May Break in Antarctica

In Antarctica, there are 2 glacial flaws, which are 2.5 km away from each other. It would take a few months for them to meet; however, a crack and a chasm are moving closer to each other at a fast pace. When they meet each other, an iceberg of size twice the New York City will start melting and flowing into the sea.

The size of the iceberg is not a big issue but its breaking is. The ways climates are changing due to global warming are alarming. Events like the melting of the icebergs are destabilizing the ice shelves.

The British scientists are studying atmosphere, glaciology, and geology since 1956 at Halley research station, which is located on Brunt Ice Shelf. This lab has been rebuilt many times and the latest was in 2012. From here, the researchers have been monitoring the crack in the iceberg. This crack is being seen from the last 35 years, but, it is accelerating at a fast pace recently.

A chasm is a big crack which keeps on extending through the ice shelf into the sea. There was already a chasm, named Chasm 1, in this iceberg and in October 2016, another chasm named Halloween crack was discovered.

Chasm 1 and Halloween crack are creeping closer to each other and this leads to breaking away of the iceberg in Brunt Ice Shelf. Some researchers say that this is a large iceberg but not a massive one, as per the standards of Antarctica.

A glaciologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Helen Fricker, said that predictions about the calving of the glaciers may not be exactly as they are being studied since just last 100 years. So, if the calving rate is faster or not cannot be detected accurately. He also said that this calving event can’t be necessarily linked to climatic changes.

Fricker said that calving of icebergs is normal. Icebergs come and go in Antarctica. It is helpful for the maintenance of Antarctica

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