Strange Zombie Deer Disease Strikes Wildlife in 24 US States

Officials are worried about the rising cases of zombie deer disease across the U.S. The chronic wasting disease (CWD) decays the brains of deer, moose, and elk. The CDC warns that the illness causes inactiveness in these animals and they are less afraid of humans before dying. The zombie deer disease has officially spread across 24 U.S. states. It mainly affects hoofed animals including various deer species. CWD results in damage to the creatures’ brain and nervous system. The body of the animal waste away as they lose weight rapidly, and they drool and lose body balance. The disease leaves animals listless like something undead.

As per the CDC, infection rates among a given population can be from 10% to 25%. The Centers for Disease Control warns hunters to avoid handling or eating probably infected meet of deer and other hoofed animals. The health agency has discovered the illness in five Pennsylvania countries. But it has not spread to other places like New Jersey and Delaware. Dale Garner, wildlife chief for Iowa’s Division of Natural Resources, said it is a disease that one can’t remove. Besides, no treatment is available for the disease. So the illness will continue to spread as long as deer exist on the area. Dale added CWD would continue to spread from animal to animal. There is a possibility to get some cases in the upcoming weeks.

CDC says the contagious disease belongs to the same family of illness as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It is also a rapidly spreading, invariably fatal neurodegenerative disorder. Researchers think the illness passes from one animal to another by their bodily fluids. Although, there are no proofs that the disease can pass from animals to humans. But the CDC warns hunters to be alert around probably infected creatures. From 2004, CWD has spread from just two states to 24 to date. Along with the reported cases in the U.S., some cases are also reported in Canada, Norway, Finland, and South Korea. In the end, the CDC warns the disease is always fatal, and it takes an incubation period of over a year.

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