Huawei Announced Its Foldable Phone, Mate X, in MWC 2019

The Chinese tech giant wants to enter in the foldable phone technology. Thus Huawei launched a new foldable phone at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. Mate X is the new device in rival with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold phone. User can use Huawei’s Mate X 8-inch screen in three different ways. Its three cameras and an innovative design offers user for one-handed use. The wraparound OLED display features a folded thickness of just 11mm. The foldable phone costs 2,300 euros ($2,600).

The single OLED display of the Mate X functions in three ways. Firstly, when the device is folded, it is a smartphone with two screens. Users can use the second display on the rear to click selfies with the main cameras. Secondly, Mate X opens up in an almost square tablet which has less bezels on three edges. One of its side includes a thicker grip section that holds the three cameras. It also has flash and a push button latch, which locks the folded tabled in closed mode. The device has the USB-C port on the bottom and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. But it does not have a headphone jack.

Mate X supports Nano Memory(NM) Cards instead of MicroSD card. The NM Card is a card format that is similar to the size of a nano SIM card. The company aims to make a dual sim tray, and the second slot can be used either for SIM or for memory card. It seems like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has a strong contender. Both smart phones unfold into a tablet. The phones differ in many aspects and the battery capacity is one of them. Mate X consists of a 4,500-mAH battery capacity split with two batteries. On the other hand, Galaxy Fold has a total of 4,380-mAh capacity available between its two edges. Mate X is a 5G ready device, while Galaxy fold will arrive in either 4G or 5G configurations. Huawei intends to start selling the Mate X in the mid of 2019. Whereas, Samsung Galaxy Fold will arrive in the market on April 26.

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