A Group of Collectors Bought Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros. Cartridge for $100,150

A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) obtained more than $100,000 at an auction. The 1985’s packet included a sticker-sealed reprint. It was only available in the New York and Los Angeles to test and unveil the NES. On 6th February, the Heritage auction sold the game to a group of collectors for $100,105. A website dedicated to rating collectible video games, Wata Games, has rated 9.4/10 points to the game’s box. Addedly, the label includes a sealing rating of A++, which appends a great deal of value to the packet.

Deniz Khan, the president of Wata Games, said he personally believes that sticker-packed Mario is potentially one of the most remarkable video gaming items in the history. He also mentioned many sealed copies of the game are present. Though this copy is the only know one, which still has a complete sticker seal from the NES’ brief launch frame. The game belongs to three people: Jim Halperin, Rich Lecce, and Zac Gieg. Jim is the founder and co-chairman of the collectibles auction company Heritage Auctions. Lecce is a coin dealer and game controller. Last but not least, Zac who owns a video game parlor.

According to Heritage Auctions, organizer of the auction for the game, the NES game set a world record for A grade game. The auctioneer says it may not be the completely costlier ever, just the most expensive copy that’s had its condition professionally graded and certified. The huge price tag also is the reason that a group of collectors purchased the sealed copy. The game is also interesting as that of its price. It seems practically preserved in amber from the time of its establishment. This is not the first time an NES game has sold from such a huge amount. In 2014, e-Bay sold a copy of the ultra-rare Nintendo World Championships cartridge for $100,088.

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