Mars One the Company Intended to Colonize on Mars is No More

Mars One the company that intended to put humanity on Mars has experienced a luck-less end. Thus it is an end of the ambitious startup, and the company has filed for bankruptcy. The move comes after a Swiss civil court-ordered liquidation of for-profit arm of Mars One. The Swiss court decided to dissolve the company back in January, but the news did not emerge until a Reddit user exposed it. Mars One project was an idea of Dutch businessman Bas Lansdorp. He is also a founder of a green energy company Ampyx Power. The Dutch entrepreneur planned to begin a company that could settle humans on Mars.

Once upon a time in 2012, the company grabbed headlines when it published vacancies for a crew. At that time, the company looked for four crew members and planned a one-way mission to Mars. The project slated to launch in 2025. The company expected to raise funds for the mission through donations, marketing, and private financiers. From the very beginning, Mars One battled to raise capital. The selected Mars colonists would have no way to return home, was one of the ridiculous parts of the mission. Indirectly, Mars One crew members had to spend their remaining life on the Red Planet.

No rule across the world stops to dream big. But trying to earn profit from such types of dreams might be an offense. While no legal action has been taken against the move of Mars One. It has a label of scam, from the first day of the announcement. Mars One also attracted much scrutiny after unveiling its mission to the Martian land. Although, the bankruptcy notice specifies that the city of Basel, Switzerland declared bankrupt of the company. As per the filings, the company has been liquidated with less than $25,000 in its accounts. The company’s founder said that he is functioning with other parties to find a solution.

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