Get Ready New Emoji Group Is On the Way

The Unicode Consortium just approved a gang of new emoji. The organization which approves and standardizes emojis has now published its final list of emojis for 2019. The new menu includes 230 new emojis which will arrive across platforms along with Android and iOS. It consists of some much-in-demand images for people having disabilities. The group includes a deaf person, a blind person and many more. It also has a set of animals ranging from guide dogs to otters. There are emojis signifying food and many more things. A large number of emojis contain couples of various complexion and genders. An extended set of those couples emojis gender inclusive couples for users who do not agree with any particular gender.

Some of the new additions seem to be thoughtless. New animal emoji include a flamingo, a sloth, and an orangutan. Food items like a waffle, an onion, cheese, garlic are also present. One can find a Hindu temple, a saree, an ax, a kite, and a tuk-tuk among the new series. However, Apple’s decision plays an important role in rolling out new emojis. The images are only samples; the final look of the emojis depends on the type of device or service. Unicode states that emojis will take some time to arrive at various platforms. Either they will come in September and October, or an OS update of tech giants. As per Unicode’s announcement all the major platforms can start working to unroll the actual emojis for their users.

The newly approved emojis also include a yawning face, a robotic and manual wheelchair, a parachute, etc. It has been an ongoing effort for the previous few years to support people with different skin tones and genders. So including non-gendered imagery is an exciting move towards equality. All in all, 59 new emojis are on the way to come. But the number bounces to 230 emojis if all the variations of complexion and gender are taken together.

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