Scientists say Life-Essential Elements On Earth Are a Result of Collision with Celestial Body

The evolution of life on Earth is still a mystery. Researchers are trying to reveal the fact behind the birth of life on the planet. New research suggests that much of the chemicals that made life possible on Earth are a result of a collision. According to scientists, the compounds arrived on Earth when another celestial body plunged into the planet. In addition to this, carbon and nitrogen belong to another world. The new theory governs, the essential elements for life existed on the object that knocked Earth’s surface 4.5 billion years ago. Researchers call the planet as Theia. They blame that planet for breaking off a small portion of Earth. Further, the small chunk of Earth became the moon.

Scientists say Earth received the bulk of its compounds and life-essential elements from the planetary collision. Prof. Rajdeep Dasgupta, from Rice University U.S. and study’s co-author, said they studied primitive meteorites. Thus, Earth could have generated the volatiles that catered the atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere by self. Besides, the study reveals that the planet that plunged into Earth’s surface was an embryonic world having a sulfur-rich core. A series of experiments and computer simulations recommend that waste materials from the destroyed planet resulted in life elements.

Dr. Dasgupta said the research could allow humanity to acquire more knowledge about the evolution of life on other rocky planets. The new study published in Science Advances proposes that the collided object was a Mars-sized object. Damanveer Grewal, study’s leading author, collected evidence to verify the fact of volatile delivery of elements. He said core does not associate with the rest of the Earth. Though other layers like the mantle, crust, hydrosphere, and the atmosphere are inter-related to each other. The team used capsules loaded with silicate and alloy mixtures to perform a series of the experiment. Using the results of the tests, ratios, and concentrations researchers designed a computer simulation to reveal the scenario that produced those elements. Furthermore, the research suggests that a rocky planet like Earth can obtain life-essential elements if it develops from giant collisions with planets having those elements.

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