Google Unrolls Three New Features for Its Gmail Users

Google aka Gmail is launching new shortcut features that will make Gmail even easier to use while composing an email. Now users can undo and redo the caption directly from the compose window. The Undo and Redo shortcut buttons will be available on the taskbar of the compose window. Formerly, in April the company unrolled some significant changes to Gmail. The tech giant ungraded the design of the service and added new features like smart compose and nudge to it. The company is launching some more changes to its email service. Firstly, the undo/redo button will be very helpful to the users while writing an email. Suppose, one accidentally delete an entire sentence; it can be retrieved back via undo button. There is an option to do redo also. The shortcuts will appear on the left side at the bottom of the formatting menu.

Secondly, another button with strikethrough feature will be available on the taskbar. The strikethrough button will be present on the right side of the menu. The company says that Strikethrough is a visual cue that can be used as an edit suggestion. The new functionality is the same as the word processors. Google is also offering a facility to download the E-mail in “.EML” file format. The file will comprise all the text of email inclusive of attachments and other data. The user can send the downloaded message to another user. In Short, users can add these downloaded email as an attachment in a mail.

The new features are going to arrive in the upcoming few days. Remarkably, all the changes will be a part of the latest update. Thus, users do not need to apply extra efforts to get the features. The features are only available for the web client of Gmail. The tech giant has not yet announced an update for Android and iOS users. Google announced that it would update the classic Hangouts chat feature. The company aims to transfer users to a new chat app, Hangout Chat & Meet. Thus Google could retire Hangouts in October 2019.

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